Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring has sprung!

Wiarton Willie was right. We spotted the first sign of spring at 7:45 this morn.
The robins have returned to Hunt Club....

Monday, January 30, 2012


I just received a survey from your company requesting my opinion on future marketing possibilities.
I answered the multiple choice survey but wanted to expand on my answers and thought this open letter may draw some extra attention as opposed to adding my two cents in the freestyle answer section tagged on the end of your survey. and it"s Canadian site at provide database access to millions of people who are piecing together their own family history. Subscribers pay an annual or quarterly fee to access and upload family history information to their online family tree. The information can be in the form of a link, a scanned original document or multimedia item. The uploaded information can remain private or be made available to other subscribers. The information sharing aspect makes the formula a success.
Although "Genealogy" is a very popular hobby, I believe the phenomena has slowly trended downward since 2000. Internet firms made it easier than ever to compile history as evident in gen community forums from 1998-2003. However if you study the community forum patterns of major genealogy online firms , there is a noticeable decline in forum participation. It only makes sense for companies like to reposition and re brand their marketing strategy.
I don't quite fit the average family historian profile as I'm under the age of fifty and internet savvy. Or am I part of a new generation of family researchers who have different interests ?
How can reach out to Generation X and Millennials ?

Delete or integrate social media into accounts.
The twitter account is dead . If you don't have the resources in your Canadian "suboffice" to manage ancestrydotca or other social media, please delete it or transfer management back to OR if you have some money in the budget for a Canadian campaign, hire a social media manager to integrate Canadian content into your marketing strategy. I'm for hire !

I was asked, Would you "share" or "promote" if offered rewards when my contacts join such as extra access or months added on to my subscription.
Absolutely, but better make sure the software required to manage this process is solid. Build in tools that make it easy to share family genealogy through all social media platforms. Build loyalty through offering a worthwhile reward. My suggestion is 1 month for each new subscription and brand the campaign using some aspect of the tree analogy.

Offer new learning tools for teachers and students.
Generation Z uses the internet and technology to learn new concepts. Build software for educators to integrate into their social studies or history curriculum. Most countries have developed curriculum which include building a family tree. Online resources for educators could include a group rate for teachers who buy a limited license for their class. Each student could "join" the for the classroom through their teacher and build their own tree complete with stories etc. for classroom curriculum could be offered to educators at three separate levels, primary, junior and high school. I can't think of a better way to integrate genealogy into the next generation.
As an subscriber, I'm excited to see the possible outcomes generated by a new and improved social media marketing strategy. Our history shapes our future and it's important for society to maintain this knowledge base. has the infrastructure and financial backing to develop programs to reach a new generation and new subscription base.
There you have it, a subscribers two cents worth. Oh, one last thing, expand the subscribers "Profile" to include a personal blog complete with social media integration. I'm interested in completing my family tree but want to share the process and the new "finds" along the way.
Thanks for the opportunity to dialogue, please feel free to comment !