Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pretty Baby

My first born turns sixteen today.
Despite my previous post which focused on how parenthood shocks the hell out of your system , I love her to pieces and have no regrets about bringing her into the world.
From the time of birth, parents always look for physical and behavioural traits of themselves in their offspring. It's just a human trait as described by the genius of Desmond Morris.
At the same time, a centered parent wants their child to achieve beyond their own status, shunning the notion of creating a clone, and wishing nothing but success for their offspring.
I'm proud of the way that she has handled the inordinate stress and abuse of our former life and used her smarts to grow beyond and above .
Happy Birthday baby.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm kind of excited.... but since I'm not ten I'm not jumping up and down...

I had the greatest intention to blog tonight .... but I have nothing to say.....not yet anyways ( not a real word but hey.... its not english it's blogish). News to come later....

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My mothers day recollection five days before I gave birth...

I read.
The man in the basement will quite readily tell you that I have read more than anyone else that he has ever met.
Sixteen years ago ,hugely pregnant and stuck in a sham of a marriage, I trusted books such as " What to expect when you are expecting " in expectation that was in fact reality. Perhaps in some sort of defense mechanism to grasp some semblence of normalacy, pregnancy books ( any books) was preferred to the disfunctionality of my own life ( married to a man who was abusive,alcholic, and an addict who preferred to place his relationship with me at the bottom of his priorities under his mother,his friends,beer, his uncontrollable dog, poker.... fer gawds sake ...he literally couldn't screw in a lightbulb in a fix er up post war house that I later called the shitbox). At that point, I suppose I had settled in my mind that I had made my proverbial bed and should make the best of it....

I was one and a half weeks overdue lying on a futon ( on the floor since the ex didn't want to spend money on a real bed) alone ( he was out of the country) on Mothers Day morn when reality hit.

I would never sleep in on another Sunday morning until my unborn daughter hit puberty and started to sleep in on weekends herself. The realization rolled over me like a cold rolling whitecap.
My pregnancy fog must have just lifted as I'm an educated woman, I have a post secondary education, I work,and used to spend my spare time volunteering on non profit boards...... at that very moment....

It just occured to me ,that I would not only be able to not sleep in on weekends and further I may be up every two hours to feed ,change and console this little person who was currently kicking my spleen. My life as a single Mother who just happened to have her name next to someone elses on a marriage certificate was about to begin.

Sixteen years later and one extra little person later , I sit typing on Mothers Day morning while my girls make breakfast . Peanut butter and banana toast.... mmmmmmm.
Is motherhood worth 1536 lost hours of weekend sleep ?

You betcha!

Happy Mothers Day !

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Now in Hindi....

Ooooh transliteration..... shades of the tower of babel.
I don't speak or write hindi... I actually wonder how awful I translate.
I found stainless steel waterbottles at North by Northwest, a Canadian sports clothing store... finally!
BHA forced me to seek out alternatives for storing liquids for kids lunches. I'm pleased to say that the drink of choice is kept nice and frosty.... Five thumbs up !!!!

इ फिनाल्ली हुन्तेद दोवं स्तैन्लेस स्टील...

आफ्टर मोंथ्स ऑफ़ लूकिंग फॉर स्तैन्लेस स्टील वातेर्बोत्त्लेस, इ त्रच्केद दोवं फौर स्पेसिमेंस अत अ लोकल "स्पोर्टिंग स्टोर" भा और बिसेफ्य्नोल अ वार्निंग्स सेट मी ऑफ़ मोंथ्स अगो, इ नो लोंगेर उसे प्लास्तिच्स टू स्टोर माय चिल्ड्रेन्स लुन्चेस। इन सौथ्वेस्तेर्ण ओंटारियो यू कैन फंड अ लार्गे (लीटर) वातेर्बोत्तले अत नॉर्थ बी नोर्थवेस्ट।
नोट ओनली इस आईटी साफे, आईटी कीप्स कोल्ड ड्रिंक्स निस एंड फ्रोस्टी!