Sunday, October 18, 2009

Little Ceasars Hot N Ready

The best consumer find of 2009 for our family was discovering a cheap,fast,delicious and easy fast food for our eating pleasure.
Our family has had to extensively cut back our budget and that included eating out.
It's so easy to resort to fast food takeout or as the Brits call it "takeaway" but mighty expensive and nutritionally unsound.
Take out is now a once a month treat or birthday meal and we all agree that Little Ceasars Hot N Ready does it for us.
Where else can you feed a family of four for under 20 smackeroos, get free garlic and parm and the best pizza ever ?
Our favourite pizza is the "Canadian" followed by the traditional Hot N Ready.
No waiting 30 minutes or less, it's ready to go when you are.
The founders of " Hot N Ready" provides discount franchisee incentives to Veterans and community incentives for local fundraising.
Founders Mike and Marian Ilitch have stuck to a successful formula that he elaborated on in a Detroit Free Press article where he stated,
"It always hit me how much it cost to buy clothes for the kids. And how expensive it was to raise a family," said Mike, 79. "I had a passion to see if I could provide a quality product and buy the best ingredients available, at a price that would really fit in with people's budgets."
Some companies pitch a consumer product into the marketplace then jack up the price according to consumer demand. Mike and Marian Ilitch have made millions through offering a quality product and keeping the retail price of their daily driver (PIZZA)
affordable and below their competitors pricing.Their formula has won consumer loyalty and the high quality of the products keeps families coming back.
I don't frivolously pitch products, but Hot N Ready has provided a monthly family treat in a very tough financial time for us. It may be inexpensive but damn it,it tastes great and has provided us with a few great meals and memorable events.
If you haven't had a Hot N Ready ... you haven't truly lived.