Friday, December 25, 2009

David Wilcox Natural Edge

One of the best acts of all times.... virtuoso... David Wilcox.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Brittany Murphy dead from H1N1 ?

....Apparently from natural causes.
Will the coroners office release further information about " flulike" symptoms .... was it H1N1 ?
It's understood that Murphy had a preexisting medical condition which may have made her more susceptible to H1N1.
So Sad ...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pretty Pictures and more

As the year draws to a close,I'm extremely happy that my annus horribilis is almost over.
The economy crashed and we were dragged into the maelstrom. My ex convict decided to stop paying his court ordered child support and my beloved became extremely ill. I discovered that crooks and thieves are experts at playing the system and am still owed five figures in back support.We had to fore go such items as food,extra curricular activities and many items which most people would consider basic necessities.
I kept our crew afloat through working at a position which was below my skill set and far below my normal rate of remuneration. My normal work day began at 6 a.m and ended at 5.30 p.m., it was exhausting but we were grateful that I had a job when so many were unemployed.
For most of the year, the reno slowed down to a trickle as we could not afford to hire subcontractors for some of the work.
We did what we could, we completed a washroom,all of the drywall,the fountain,a boxed garden,retooled the wiring,cleaned out the garage,installed the last window and have started to frame in the windows.
The majority of the work can only be accomplished when my Reno Man is up to the job.
Multiple Sclerosis is a nasty disease which attacks differently every day.It's so frustrating for Reno to see the work which needs to be finished yet not to be able to complete the job.MS can screw up the best intentions to complete a project no matter how small.
Despite setbacks,work progressed slowly yet surely.
Most recently we finished the eco program and had our home re-audited to realize a fat cheque for completing retrofits to improve our home energy usage.
Our 43 year old house is now insulated tighter than a new home ... the result of replacing our roof,insulating, and replacing all of the windows and doors with new energy efficient replacement windows.
Reno started back at the old grind, boxing and framing in our windows.Day by day, the house is coming together. The teenager scored a part time retail job that she loves and I landed a dream job at a non profit organization.
We are still fighting an upward battle,not only is there no Christmas tree ,for the first time in our history, there will be no presents underneath it. Our money is tied up in mortgage payments,utilities,insurance and food.
I don't believe our situation is unique,many former middle class families are struggling to keep it all together despite the frigid shock of new found poverty.
Coping with the restriction poverty brings, we will be happy to spend the holiday season together,healthy and glad to have a few days off. Christmas is a time to relax,breathe deeply and look forward to brand new year.It's an interesting perspective,no commercialism, no gifts and surprisingly no stress. Perhaps simple is better ?
I could not imagine placing my family on a list for a food hamper or presents for the girls and question why year after year, the same families receive such charity from the Salvation Army or like organizations.I know what it is to be without, yet cannot imagine putting out my hand year after year. Why the entitlement at just one point in the year ?
I received many presents this year. I learned patience,understanding,new skills and empathy. I'm pleased to have made it this far on my own skills and dime.
I trust in the universe, in karma.We will be a stronger happier family as a result of this hard lesson no matter how difficult the lesson
As I left for work one day last month, the sunrise was spectacular, the sky magnificent yet ominous. Much like the sky, this year has been a beautiful horrible scene which turned into a beautiful warm bright are the pictures to prove it.