Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What defines a Monster ...

This isn't a regular blog...just a twitter... a mini blog.
Mastoora Qezil plead guilty and will be sentenced later this month.
I'm not surprised by her plea,she will merely get a slap on the hand as the Crown has conceded, " she didn't mean to hurt anyone".
Right...when you insert sharp objects that can kill into a piece of food there is obviously no intent to hurt anyone.
This evening my thoughts were focused on Mastoora Qezil as I drove home from the library.
The modern justice system has a disdain for shaming or extracting the proverbial pound of flesh from criminals.You're not a bad person unless you intentionally kill someone.. "on purpose like". If you kill a person with your vehicle while impaired or
insert needles into "kid food" it's not on purpose, so not as bad.
The eureka moment burst into my consciousness as I turned onto my street.
A monster is someone who would rather be feared than loved.A sane person will always choose love over fear, it's that single choice that makes us human.
When you choose to exact your revenge on a former employer through lacing needles into a product which others will eat, that's clearly premeditation.
Mastoora chose an act of evil and through this act perpetrated fear and chaos.
Why should she get a light sentence when she clearly decided to wield fear and destruction?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ramone's Youtube channel.

The innernet has been an amazing tool that has shaken dictators and democratized the 3rd planet from the sun.
I could rave on philisophically about the innernet but instead I'm going to lay it on the line.
I love bootlegged media, specifically fan shot bootleg video.
I'm not endorsing downloading pirated media ... Reno is an artist and musician... I don't download because it hurts and discourages artists.
I don't think shooting video hurts anyone, instead it adds another layer to the artists' promotion.
I just discovered the Ramones Youtube channel.
I'm in love ...
Check out www.youtube.com/JukeRamone

p.s. - Cheryl, I spelled internet innernet cause it's conveying slang usage.
p.s.s.- I really dislike Melissa Schenck too..
p.s.s.s.- No need to respond... it's okay.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where the f@#k is Miss Manners when you need her ?

I'm blaming The Hot Librarian for my instant slide into profanity.
I don't think swearing makes you appear smarter unless you fit it into a funny context. The Hot Librarian is funny and I admit that I view her as a younger,drunker,
single,childless me albeit with better grammer and syntax. I miss being uncensored.
I'm struggling with the Mumminess of Mummy blogs.

Im not a hypocritical tight ass who flogs multicorporate wares on the innernet.
I tried... I signed up to a Canuck mum blogo site and agreed to review a product.
I was so excited when I signed for my package from the sexy Purolator delivery dude and coyly mentioned to him that I was reviewing the product for a company when he queried .
I opened the box and pulled two measly boxes of @@@@@@@ out. You know... the hotel jam size. The glow went off the whole "review" scam...I wanted a new iphone,Acer or Flip Cam not two packets of condiments.After the scammy reality of flog your blogness set in I decided that I'm just not cut out for promoting mommy products.
That being said ...
Blogging has been good for me.I'm gradually improving my writing skills and learning new and interesting ways to express myself.

I'm proud to have introduced and enbedded 'The Undertoad" a blog about a guy named Andrew Kummer who killed three people in London Ontario one early spring night, Mastoora Qezil, a Mom who laced needles into hotdogs sold through out Ontario, and Fast Times at Lanigan High ,a new phenomena about gen x and boomer parents who supervise their teenagers binging.
Hundreds of you have visited my corner of the internet looking for information on binging,food tampering or the undertoad.For what ever reason,I hope you cutnpaste the relevant parts out for your essay and pray your teacher takes off marks for your (my)poor grammer and syntax, serves you fuckers right:)

I'm really hoping that the Lanigan class of 2010 plans their prom theme to be "Fast Times at Lanigan High" as my prom theme suggestion in 1986 got shot down. I thought we has a shot at getting the Premier to come to our high school if we planned our prom theme to be "Millers Ontario". Sure it was sarcastic but I think the prom theme election process was rigged.Who in their right minds would want "Walt Disney" to be your prom theme. No debauchery there.

Despite a few kudos and hurrahs over a few thought provoking posts, I'm not completely happy with the overall tone of the blog.I'm not an uptight hyprocrite Stepford Mom, just someone who may have grown wise in the last couple of decades but for the most part I'm stuck at the virtual age of 21. Don't get me wrong,I believe in
truth,justice,honesty and the rules of right and heaven help you if you think you're above the laws of the land.I have raised my daughters with this mantra but I'm not a prude. I like to push and reveal hypocrisy while watching society rotate from the outside ring.
I'm not a nice stepford Mom or the typical Redbook Mommy.
I endured a decade long dysfunction of a marriage with a narcisstic asshole before waking myself up from my nightmare to fight for my children and the right for us to live a normal life. I'm proud that we have made it so far and am so ever blessed to have met my knight in shining armour who secured our future and continues to butter my toast each and every morning. So I'm now a wiser smarter 21 year old revolutionary who likes to have the odd glass of pinot grigio and not drive.
I drop the f word at home on a regular basis but then again we all do...Katie worked up a wicked profanity habit from watching Bubbles on the Trailer Park Boys. We finally had to ban her from integrating swear words into every fucking sentence. It was getting to be a lazy habit, after all profanity only works if it's used in the right context.
Life's only interesting uncensored.
So from now on, no more pseudo stepfordisms... just the naked truth. Promise ...

Monday, September 7, 2009


This year I'm enjoying the sweet moments of a statutory holiday.
Labour Day is bittersweet as it's the first long good bye to summer,the last day before the new school year starts and the reminder of why we work.
I'm grateful for my job, it provides shelter and the essentials of life.
It's not an academic challenge, it's merely a contract position but it does challenge me each and every day.I'm happy to have a job at at time when eleven percent of the adult population in my area doesn't have one.
It offers me hope, I landed a job in this economy and in the future I may have the right stuff to offer another company my talent and skills.
Long hours plus commute leaves me exhausted ... I appreciate every minute I have not working.
I had a eureka moment the other day as I was driving to work.
I was listening to Springsteen's "Badlands", probably for the umpteenth time since it was released in the 1970's. It's always been a landmark song but the Boss finally got me.
I finally feel and know the angst.
I know why it's good to be alive and wise enough to know why.
Happy Labour Day !

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Doves

Ever think that you're being watched ?
Last night Reno man was out cleaning the pool and heard a swish swish sound from the deck. Lo and behold it was his regular fan, the dove who regularly flies in to hang out beside the pool with my hot pool boy.The bird seems to be Reno's biggest fan and follows him around the yard as he works on the project du jour.
Last night, the dove decided to bring thirty or so of his friends to watch Reno do his thing.
The flock of doves .... thirty or so decided to pose for the cheap shot.
So bizarre ...